Advanced Tax Planning for
Exceptional Entrepreneurs

“The planning provided by Mueller & Associates saved me $500,000 in our first year working together. Forecasting, planning and documenting pay off!"

Dr. K

Physician & Founder, Multi-location Plastic Surgery Practice


Exceptional entrepreneurial businesses need more to unleash their full potential. Our unprecedented planning model includes multiple year-round meetings to develop customized strategies, minimize tax liability, reduce risk, and optimize cash flow. We work proactively with our clients to find tax savings opportunities, help them stay ahead, and eliminate surprises.

Our approach is highly proactive and includes:

  • Presentation of detailed tax scenarios that enable you to make profitable decisions
  • Development of customized, year-round strategies to greatly reduce tax liability
  • Integration of business goals and personal lifestyle into our plan
  • Coordination with your financial, wealth management, and estate planning objectives
  • Multiple annual meetings throughout our Mid-Year and Year-End tax planning seasons

It’s a more advanced method for tax planning and business advisory, designed to help you achieve the true potential of your finances.

What Our
Clients Say.

“We are constantly impressed with the proactive approach
on all fronts. The model is priceless since it allows us to properly plan and prepare to execute on all of the strategies that Mueller & Associates recommends. We save a lot of money this way!”

“The CFO expertise provided by Mueller & Associates has been molded and crafted by working with some of the most successful entrepreneurs in Texas. As such, their team is like-minded in terms of values, growth, vision, and innovation.”

Physician and Founder

Multi-Location Neurology Practice